This recording set-up is completely mobile.  It is ideal for smaller scale live recordings or “in studio” recordings.  The system is capable of up to 24 Mic inputs + MIDI at the same time during tracking sessions.  Proper talk-back & headphone system included.

Complete final mixing & mastering can be done with this setup.

• Computer & DAW Hardware

MacBook Pro 2.8GHz Quad Core i7 15” with 16 Gigs RAM

- 2 Tera Byte Seagate 7200 rpm Firewire 800 External Drive

Digidesign 003 Factory (Console)


• Software

ProTools - 2020.1

Waves - Platinum Bundle 9.7

Waves - SSL Series EQ/Comp

Waves - V Series EQ/Comp

Waves - IR1-V2 Convolution Reverb

Waves - Tune

Waves - Kramer - Ampex Tape Recorder Emulation

iZotope - Ozone 8 Advanced

Slate Digital - VTM (Virtual Tape Machine)

IK Multimedia - T-Racks CS Grand collection

IK Multimedia - SSL 9K 'White' Channel

IK Multimedia - Amplitude 4

IK Multimedia - SampleTank 3

Klanghelm - VU Meter (Proper)

DSP - Quattro - CD & DDP Assembly

Roxio - Toast 16 - CD/DVD Back-up


• Outboard Equipment

RUPERT NEVE - Portico II Channel MicPre/Comp/EQ

DBX 160x Compressor

ART VLA II Stereo Tube Compressor


• Converters & Console

Focusrite - Clarett 8PreX

Focusrite - Saffire Pro 40

Presonus - DigiMax FS 8 Chan Mic Pre

Mackie - 1202 VLZ 3


• Monitors

KRK V4 Self Powered

Yamaha NS-10's

Yamaha R-N500 90w RMS / channel Power Amp

• Headphones & Cue System



ART HeadAmp6 Pro - with more me inputs

BEHRINGER - MON800 Cue/TalkBack System


• Microphones

3x RODE NTK Large Diaphragm - Tube

1x RODE NT3 Condenser

3x AKG C451B Condenser

1x AKG D-112 Dynamic

5x Shure SM-57 Dynamic

2x Shure SM-58 Dynamic

1x Shure SM-58 Beta Dynamic

1x Sennheiser e835 Dynamic

1x Sennheiser e906 Dynamic

2x Apex 185 Condenser (Omni/Card)

1x Apex 435 Condenser Large Diaphragm

1x Apex 127 Dynamic (bottom snare clip)

1x dBx RTA-M Omni Condenser


• Mic Stands

6x K&M Standard Boom

5x K&M Short Boom

2x Yorkville 14ft Tall booms - c/w shock-mounts


• Mic Cables

14x GOTHAM Audio 10 metres (Quad Star)

  4x GOTHAM Audio 20 metres (Quad Star)


• Miscellaneous

Decca Tree - for orchestral recordings

2x CableFactory - Lundahl Transformer DI box (passive)

Paul Reed Smith - Active DI Box

2x Mic Splitters Lundahl Transformer Iso

Stereo Media - XLR Balanced to RCA isolation Box

Roland DR-660 Drum Machine (MIDI)

Vocal Pop Shield

Various Adapters